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More on an old controversy: Did Hitler escape to South America? Review of book by Basti

Ulysses wins through: Book review by Chris Brand of the latest H.J. Eysenck biography

Anti-Semitism: Good for the Jews? -- BY EUGENE VOLOKH

Liberals are now the appeasers of hate -- by Nick Cohen

Manning Clark's second coming -- by Peter Ryan

Postcards with an edge -- by Richard Owen

The Two Streams of Western Civilization -- by Samuel T. Karnick

An Evolutionary Theory of Right and Wrong -- By Nicholas Wade

Do campus tribunals wield too much power? -- By John Higgins

Rethinking the White Australia Policy -- By Andrew Fraser

IQ not the key to a happy life -- By Adam Cresswell

Confessions of a white Christian Republican -- by J.P. Gannon

President Bush Called "Evil", Evangelicals Equated With Nazis -- By John Lomperis

The Pope who saved the Jewish girl -- by Roger Cohen

No place like home -- by Anthony Browne

The Threat in the Air : Is fear of "stereotypes" really why blacks do poorly on tests?

Review by Melanie Yeager of "The Nuremberg Interviews" by Robert Gellately

Twin study reveals genetic role in female infidelity -- press release from Guy's and St. Thomas' hospital in London

Food for dictators -- by Richard Owen

Nude dancing, flag defiling and the `Politician Protection Plan' -- By James A. Buchen

Little Suppressors: Dealing with the bookstore clerk who hates you -- by Jay Nordlinger

Review of Stalin's British Victims -- By David Aaronovitch

Interview with Bahram Soroush about "Islamophobia"

Chapter by C. Brand on IQ

How Watson shaped Labor -- By Paul Kelly

The Democrat Party's Long and Shameful History of Bigotry and Racism

Andrew Bolt on the Australian "Stolen Generation"

The secret to happiness ... just do it -- By Christine Jackman

Julie Burchill on Leftist demonstrators

Violent children -- by Margaret O'Rourke

The Greenland icecap is not melting -- By Jonathan Amos

Politically incorrect Australian history -- By Jonathan King

Doomsayers should stick to the facts -- By Alan Wood

Gene Study Identifies 5 Main Human Populations -- By Nicholas Wade

Rescuing Cornish -- By Frances Elliott

The inevitability of political centrism -- by Mickey Kaus and Jay Cost

Death of the California self-esteem fad -- by Erica Goode

Homer Simpson as hero -- By Bryan Appleyard

The Borking of Bjorn Lomborg -- by Matt Ridley

In the land of the Rococo Marxists -- by Tom Wolfe


Global Climate Change -- by

The teachings of Simon Bolivar -- by MIGUEL CENTELLAS

Horny Scottish cop (Story censored by Google)

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